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Air Force ROTC offers a variety of ways to get the money you need for school. But the benefits extend well beyond graduation – starting with a career as an officer in the Air Force straight out of school.

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Can you assign a dollar value to leadership? To confidence? How about a brilliant future and a guaranteed career? One thing you can put a value on is a college scholarship. Beyond that, the benefits of Air Force ROTC are priceless. To learn more about AFROTC benefits  

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As you prepare to make one of the biggest decisions of your lives, you deserve all the answers. If you are considering Air Force ROTC, chances are you both have concerns and questions. 

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Officers are trained to be the leaders and supervisors of enlisted personnel. Rank, pay and career opportunities for officers are commensurate with their elevated level of responsibility.        

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There are several career options available in the Air Force ROTC.

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Learn about the history of the Air Force ROTC.

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It is important to understand the values that guide and motivate an organization and its members. We are an organization dedicated to achieving excellence in everything that we do. This sentiment is reflected in our Core Values and Mission Statement. To Learn more

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It is a challenge. It is an opportunity. It is a head-start on a lifetime of success, within the Air Force and in everything you choose to do. Air Force ROTC is a college program offered at over 1000 colleges and universities across the U.S. that prepares you to become an Air Force officer.

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